Hi Al Furjan Fans!!

During the last week in Al Furjan when I have been viewing villas with various clients I have noticed a distinct change in temperature!  We are now through the scorching summer!  Standing in the shade of one villa there was a warm breeze that passed… and I can’t wait to see Al Furjan residents making full use of all the walk ways and landscaped park areas that weave between all the villas.  Just a few more weeks and I think I will be very jealous of all the BBQ’s I will smell come the weekends (especially as one of them will no doubt be my manager’s who has just moved into a townhouse in Dubai Style! His cat is very happy to be out of an apartment!)!

This is one of the prettiest communities I can think of in Dubai!  Each time I go there, it amazes me how well planted it is!  I’m no expert on plants…. But the big grass bushes make it look lush!

I took the new road that Tareq mentioned in his last blog the other day for the first time!  As he mentioned… not very pretty at the moment, but it certainly does the job in easing the traffic, and is super easy to jump onto the 77 road and down to Sheik Zayed Road. Just watch out for the Dubai style speed bumps that are the ropes across the road!

Until the next time…..bye!

Claire Nall-Cain
BRN. 27496
Mob. 971509021745

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