Basking in the benefits of community life in AL Furjan


This development is all set to revive the beautiful concept of fareej as it is meant to be

Located conveniently just off Emirates Road and the Dubai Investments Park area within the Jebel Ali community zone, Al Furjan is a 560-hectare mega development consisting of family townhouses and villas of three to six-bedrooms. It is located ideally to provide much-needed family accommodation in an area that is all set for a business and professional boom like none other courtesy of the World Expo 2020.

In the not-so-long ago past of Dubai, a fareej (single village) provided its residents with all the benefits of community-living – a close network of neighbors who were like family, giving security and a sense of belonging. Al Furjan is inspired by this concept and symbolizes a collection of homes or a small village. It hopes to achieve these traditional values and ideals by combining spacious villas and townhouses with large open spaces and wide-ranging sporting and communal amenities.

Al Furjan comprises specific villages that are villa-based and apartment-based. The types of villas in Al Furjan are Dubai and Quortaj. The Quortaj style is an eclectic collage of colors and textures inspired by North Africa and the construction styles are Islamic and Mediterranean. The Dubai style, on the other hand, reflects local architecture and offers a striking combination of traditional exterior and a contemporary interior floor plan. Detailed gates, doors latticework and balustrades are hallmarks of this style.

The apartment development in Al Furjan is called Masakin. The 335 apartments (in seven buildings) are strategically located at South Village and boast a regional Madinat architectural style accented by mashrabiyas. The one, two and three-bedroom apartments surround an internal landscaped courtyard

Source: Gulf News

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